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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Ben Davis Property


Aerial video below:

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A unique 1.2 acre property in picturesque Long Cove (Port Medway) Nova Scotia for those craving peace, privacy and direct access to pristine wilderness, containing two parcels: a fisherman's shed that can be used as a cottage and large waterside two story fish shed and workshop on a private ocean inlet, surrounded by 150+ acres of wilderness protected by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and Nova Scotia Environment (Ragged Harbour Nature Preserve) and a land-side piece with a boat shed to store your boat and gear, and park your vehicle.  

Nature Trust and Nova Scotia Environment Property
aerial video below:
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Directly adjacent to the common-use boat ramp at the end of the year-round maintained Long Cove Road, you have easy access to the vibrant cultural life of Port Medway with its popular Port Grocer (great food, and live music), Old Meeting House literary readings, and art shows.  

Both shed and fish shed/workshop have power, wood stoves, good cell reception and gorgeous views.  A walking trail guides you from the shed to the white sand beaches and sheltered coves of the Nature Trust wilderness, which will never be developed. 

There are few properties of this kind left in eastern North America!  Included are a canoe, rowboat and floating dock and other accessories.

This would be a great property for a nature retreat, artist studio, kayak business, full-time getaway, yacht dock, or Airbnb. There are no covenants or restrictions on developing the property. My intention with the property was to keep it as close to an authentic fishing camp from the late 1940's as an homage to the local lifestyle. To that extent I did very little improving of it other than repairs.

For information on this property contact

A Little History
Long Cove circa 1950's photo by Ralph Morton

In the summer of 1981, a girlfriend and I decided to go somewhere for the summer neither of us had ever been (we lived in Atlanta). We met a man from Nova Scotia on the beach in Florida so that's where we decided to go.  

We lived in an old house in Port Medway which we agreed to fix up for the owner, Margo Kleiker, who lived in Beach Meadows.  

One afternoon I rode my bike all the way down Long Cove Road past the lighthouse to the end. I remember thinking as I passed a field of wild flowers in bloom by the edge of the sea that the natural world was "still here" and that I was lucky to come this way and have that revelation. When I got to the end of the road I found some sheds, a few boats, and across the Cove an old fishing operation complete with two story barn and cabin. 

I had that odd sense of deja vu.

In 1985, the place was for sale by the son of the original owner, Archie Smith.  Smith was something of a legend in the area. He had been the "Harbour Master" for Queens County for as long as anyone could remember. His private fishing operation was in Long Cove and was a complex of buildings and storage facilities that he shared with a handful of local fisherman.  Long Cove was their kingdom by the sea. In the 1950's Smith engineered a major improvement for the Cove in the way of two huge jetties that stabilized and protected the Cove from storms and made the entrance to the Cove from the Atlantic quite a sea gate into the quiet waters beyond.

Long Cove circa 1986
In 1986, I acquired the property - 1.2 acres, a two story fish shed/barn, a fisherman's shed, a goat shed, an outhouse, and an old non-functioning dug well.  Back then the barn was surrounded by wharves, had a shed roof over the main wharf, and a narrow bridge to the fisherman's shed. Each year when I came to stay in the summer more and more of the wharves had washed away. My 17 foot Golden Hawk canoe was perfect for the 90 second paddle from the wharf on the other side to the barn anchorage.

But I soon decided that a 12 foot Aqua-Nautic aluminium rowboat would be a lot more useful for bringing supplies and repair materials across. I even used it for transporting two wood stoves. In those days it was just me and the fishermen and a fellow from Halifax who came down on weekends to enjoy the solitude. Fixing up the fisherman's shed and barn was a summertime activity that I looked forward to every year. I could sit in the most boring meeting at work and doodle away at how I was going to repair something. Lot's of good friends came out to help and give advice on the best way to do things - locally and from as far away as New York City and Texas.

In 1989 I did an avafauna study with a researcher from Dalhousie University - please click the results are here. and I became the official steward of the Nature Trust Property requiring me to make reports on the state of the property each year.

For pictures and descriptions of property features see the items listed at the top right side of this blog above.  To enlarge the pictures just click on them.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Property Maps

Lot #5 on the road side of the Cove with boat shed showing the road to Port Medway and the public boat ramp. 

1.2 acre property with Fisherman's shed  and barn on the water side of the Cove surrounded by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust Property.  

Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Boat Shed

Long Cove Road comes from Port Medway and ends at the water's edge in Long Cove.  The 1.2 acre property with the fisherman's shed and large fish shed is across the Cove. There is no road to the property so you have a 90 second paddle or row (600 feet) to get there.  On the road side of the property is a small lot (Lot 5) with parking and a boat shed that is included.  The lockable boat shed is big enough for a 16 foot rowboat or similar sized canoe or kayak, extra gear, and oars.  The lot is approximately 50 x 76 feet (2914 sq.ft.) and is big enough to build a small cottage behind the boat shed. Ample parking for two or more vehicles as well.

Monday, December 16, 2019

The Floating Dock, Ramp and Rowboat

Wharf platform with walkway ramp from boating float to lower story of workshop/studio

15 x 30 Candock plastic floating dock made of modular high density polyethylene resin cubes, maintenance free, will not oxidize or deteriorate, no metal parts, easily assembled into a variety of configurations or disassembled for storing.  Light weight yet high load capacity, dock stability, anti skid surface.

12 ft Dura-Nautic aluminum rowboat with 3 pairs of oars, oar locks

 Hawk 17.5 ft fiberglass canoe with paddles

Life vests

Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Fish Shed and Workshop

a 90 second row from the shore to the barn

dock entrance 

                                                         view from the bridge to cabin

Back door

 Downstairs Workshop

                                         six 4 x 8 foot concrete tanks, Golden Hawk canoe

view out the barn doors


Picnic table, workbench


antique cork floats



view out the front windows

antique chairs

view out the front windows

Observation platform, boat dock

                                             Futon frame, foam mattress, antique bench

                                                                 antique chairs, signs

hammock, trap door

antique chairs, fish boxes

antique fishing gear

Tools, electrical panel

Borneo Cutch box

 old style wooden lobster plugs 

a beachcomber find

Side windows

Back windows 

Wood stove

View out the back windows

Closet, fish box book shelves